Lisa Haze and Music

Lisa Haze Music Videos
Check out these video clips of Lisa and the SkallyWagz.
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The California Girls
Music is an integral part of the life of Lisa Haze. One of her proudest acheivements
was her recent tour of Afghanistan and Iraq
as the Lead Vocalist of the
Southern California All Girl Band "The California Girls" to play for Our Troops!
Click here to see their trip to Iraq. Click here to see their trip to Afghanistan !

Lisa's also appears with the popular LA band, the SkallyWagz!
This is the band you'll most often find Lisa jamming with when she's in town.
Rock and Roll, Soul, Dance Music and of course, Lisa's powerful Vocals and
Stage Presence. Come see one of her performances for a real treat!

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Moonshine Mountain Boys
Lisa Haze also appears with the Rockin' Country band, the Moonshine Mountain Boys. Here's a picture of them at a battle of the bands in Laughlin Nevada.


Lisa Haze Music News
Lisa and the SkallyWagz were recently featured in a fantastic article on DaBelly .com

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